It's time

to Dwell and Excel

You have a short term rental property in the Waco area and a big dream to make your home a unique destination.  An oasis, a gateway to city life, a retreat.  No matter the vibe, you want to treat your guests like royalty and earn a tidy profit while you're at it.  But you're also feeling the burn.  The time, the overwhelm, the's a lot. 

Partner with D&L Vacation Rentals to maximize your home's profitability, provide your guests with an experience they'll rave about, and keep your property in optimal shape, because let's face it, #renters.

we're here to help.

Sleep Tight,


Maintenance issues, locked out guests, and the general angst of short term property rental keeping you up at night?  That's why you list with us!  We take the middle of the night shift, and all the other ones, too.

Expertise- we've been doing this for a LONG time
Local service- we're FAST
Incredible guest experiences- as in, repeat customers
Flexibility- it's your house, you should stay if you want to
Peace of Mind- we've got you, baby

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Why list with
D&L Vacation Rentals?


  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Lawn care
  • Snow removal (jk, this is Texas)
  • Spas and pools
  • Decorating
  • And all the other little details
  • Booking
  • Payments
  • All guest communication
  • Door codes
  • Waco guides
  • Personal touch: gifts for special events!
  • And all the pieces in between

Because your house is our house

Because your house is our house.

The home

The guests

  • Strategic pricing structure
  • Take advantage of hot dates and events
  • Accurate budget planning
  • Shop the comps
  • Set a minimum and median
  • Plan for long term stays
  • Help you shop for properties
  • D&L Vacation Rentals website listing
  • Airbnb & VRBO listings
  • Professional photography and staging
  • Social media features
  • Email marketing
  • Postcards and pins
  • Plus we tell all our friends about you 

The money

The marketing

our clients love us and you will too!

"I can describe D&L Vacation Rentals, LLC in two words: Dynamic Duo! Donnie and his wife Lisa are an incredible team. I give thanks every day that our paths crossed. Their services are far superior compared to other agencies I researched when I was shopping for a rental management company. Donnie and Lisa are equally professional and amicable. Donnie’s years of experience in construction, real estate and knowledge of current market trends, gives him great insight for marketing rental properties. Lisa’s eye for design, combined with her budget savvy skills create beautiful, unique spaces in each home she decorates. Property owners and renters will find Donnie to be a man of honor, integrity; completely committed to giving his best, to each and every client. Donnie goes beyond the extra mile to make sure clients and guests are more than satisfied with D&L services and bookings.
In addition to their personal talents and values, the vendors they employ are also held to the same high level of service and ethics. They are the best example of great people surrounded by great people. I highly recommend D&L Vacation Rentals. LLC."

- Lisa Mooring
Owner of Fannies on 5th

D&L exceeds expectations and thoroughly takes care of their clients and guests. Clear communication, quick response time, and going above and beyond are normal for this team. Great company!

- Jayme Thompson
Owner of Silocation & Silocation 2

D&L Vacation Rentals is GREAT company to deal with. I am extremely pleased to be working with them.

- Jeff Pechacek
Owner of Heartfelt Haven

there's more, but we don't want to brag

(but if you want to see them, they're right here...)